Faculty Development Programs


Workshops conducted by CBSE
SNO. Workshop Name Teacher Participant DATE
1 Fundamental Learning & Numeracy All newly appointed Primary Teachers Flexible
2 Digital Tools for teaching & learning Maths, Science, English & S.St teachers All Maths, Science, English & S.St teachers 23-27 May 2022
3 Multiple Intelligence Ms. Aditi, Ms. Neha
Ms. Inderpreet
7th July, 2022
4 Importance of Personal Hygiene & Nutrition Dr Rishma 11th July, 2022
5 Addressing Socio-Emotional needs of students Ms. Deepali, Ms. Jyoti
Ms. Kamna  Chawla
18th July, 2022
6 Story Telling in Classroom Ms. Poonam Sharma 18th July, 2022
7 Item writing MCQs Ms. Kirandeep
Ms. Rachna
19th July, 2022
8 Protection of  Child Rights Ms. Shveta Goyal,
Mr. Anjum Sharma
21st July, 2022
9 Teaching Strategies in History (Sr. Secondary)  Ms. Vandana Malhotra 21st July, 2022
10 Bloom's Taxonomy & its Applications Ms. Renuka Dhawan
Ms. Monika Sharma (2)
21st July, 2022
11 Education for Peace Ms. Monica Walia, Ms. Chanchal,
Ms. Anu Sharda, Ms. Ramanpreet
22nd July, 2022
12 Teaching and Learning Styles Ms. Poonam Sharma 22nd July, 2022
13 Teaching Strategies in English(Secondary Level) MS. Banipreet 28th July, 2022
14 Happy Classrooms Ms Satnam Kaur 30th July, 2022
15 Capacity Buliding: Mathematics-X Mr. Yash Kansal 1-2 Aug, 2022
16 Promoting Mental Health Ms. Rachna Arora 10-Aug-22
17 Strengthening Reading Competency Ms. Banipreet 10-Aug-22
18 Capacity Buliding: Science-X Ms. Kamna Sharma 14-Aug-22
19 Capacity Buliding: Science-X MS. Renuka Dhawan 16-Aug-22
20 Happy Classrooms Ms. Banipreet 16-Aug-22
21 Digital Learning Management Ms. Vineeta Sharma 17-Aug-22
22 Salient Features of NEP Ms. Poonam Sharma 17-Aug-22
23 Item Writing-MCQs Ms. Shveta Goyal
MS. Banipreet
24 Role of Theatre and Drama in Classroom Ms. Banipreet 19-Aug-22
25 Cyber Security & Ethics Ms. Vineeta Sharma 22-Aug-22
26 Capacity Buliding: Physics-XII Ms. Shubhdeep Kaur 26-27 Aug 2022
27 Python-XII Ms. Vineeta Sharma 26-Aug-22
28 Teaching & Learning Styles Ms. Chanchal 30-Aug-22
29 Social Science-X Ms. Rashpinder Kaur 7-08-09-2022
30 NEP-2020 Ms. Nidhi Shukla 10-Sep-22
31 Business Studies-XII Ms. Navneet Tulsi 23-24 Sep 2022
32 Inclusion and Inclusive Strategies Ms. Monika Sharma 23-24 Sep 2022